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Aurender S10 Digital Storage and Transport

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Product Description

Aurender S10 Music Playback and Storage Solution. And now with DSD support via DoP V1.2.

The S10 has made achieved Legend Status by being included in The Worlds Best Audio System of 2012

Read the Computer Audiophile review here where it won Product of the Year.

6moons Review Here.

The TCXO oscillators used in Aurender S10 Music Systems are vastly more accurate than ordinary crystal oscillators used in most music servers and players. Clocks are important in guaranteeing jitter-free performance. Incorporating next generation technology with playback from Solid State Drives, easy-to-use iPad* remote control application, up to 2 terabytes of memory, and other unique features, Aurender S10 Music Systems are the ideal music storage and playback solution for modern audiophiles.


  • Free iPad remote control application from Apple App Store
  • Customized Linux OS for best audio performance
  • WAV, FLAC, APE and other formats supported
  • Up to 24-bit width and 192 kHz sampling rate
  • Switching-mode and linear power supplies
  • Playback from Solid State Drive
  • Silent fanless design
  • AMOLED displays.


Aurender iPad App

Using the Aurender App, the easy-to-use iPad* becomes the master control for the Aurender Music System. The large display allows for quick viewing and search of even the largest music collections. The Aurender Application for iPad* is free and can be downloaded from the Apple* App Store.

Convenient Features

  • Intuitive search function for fast easy selection
  • Make and edit playlists with just a touch of one's finger
  • All details of song, album, playlist and queue easily viewed on large iPad display
  • Automatic or custom categorization of songs
  • CD album front and back covers can be stored and displayed along with music selection
  • Web search function to search for information on selected artist or song
  • Zoom in function



The Aurender uses a customized Linux operating system tuned for high performance digital processing. In addition, sampling rates from 44.1~192KHz with 16-bit and 24-bit widths match or vastly exceed the audio quality that can be obtained from compact disks.

With today's technology, clock and signal jitter can be lowered to a point where their effects are negligible. Ordinary crystal oscillators have an accuracy of 10 and weigh 20 grams. Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO) have an accuracy of 10 and weigh 50 grams. The next higher performance oscillators are OCXOs and ones used for atomic clocks. These are based on Rubidium or Cesium and several kilograms have to be used. TCXO clocks are much more accurate than ordinary crystal oscillators and the sound quality difference is very noticeable. In the Aurender S10 , the TCXO clock and proprietary reclocking with Field-programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) are combined to ensure virtual jitter free performance and superb audio performance.

The Aurender Music System is fanless to eliminate vibrations, unwanted electromagnetic fields and noise emanating from the fan. Solid State Drives, which have no moving parts, are used to avoid vibrations, electromagnetic interference, and latency found in hard disk drives. The use of solid-state drives vastly lowers processor access times. During playback, selections are automatically cached using proprietary technology from the hard disk to the Solid State Drive. The hard disk then falls asleep and the music is played back using only the solid state drive. This design eliminates problems with sonic and electromagnetic noise from spinning hard disk drives.

Care must also be taken when using switched-mode power supplies which generate undesirable electromagnetic noise. In the Aurender Music System, power is provided by both switching mode and linear power supplies. The switching mode power supply is isolated from critical components using thick aluminum walls and the linear power supply is used for sensitive critical components. Thick aluminum is also used to isolate physical and electromagnetic noise from CPUs and hard disk drives.

The Aurender S10 Music System delivers the best audio performance possible. The superior audio quality is definitely distiguishable even when compared to much more expensive high end systems.


The Aurender S10 Music System has digital outputs (Coaxial, AES/EBU, Optical) which are designed to be connected to a Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), or an amplifier with digital inputs. The Aurender must be connected to a wireless router in order for the iPad to function as a wireless master control.

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